All I want for Christmas is Brew!

Looking for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life? Here are five things you can get that are sure to fit any budget and make everyone happy. Happy holidays, merry Christmas and a very happy Brew Year to all! 

1. Want to give the budding brewmaster in your life the ability to make brewery- quality beer, right in your home? Look no further than the Catalyst Fermentation System from Craft-A-Brew. The Catalyst system makes it easy to brew at home, and won't make a mess as you learn the ins and outs of beer making. So far BK Beer Review has made two batches on the system and while we're far from distribution-ready, we must say-- the beer was mighty tasty.

2. Looking for something fun, easy and cheap? Then we have the book for you! Billed as a "pitcher book for grown-ups," Goodnight Brew teaches its audience about the basics of beer. What could be better than starting a new tradition for the adults in the family?

3. What is something every beer drinker wants to do? Correct, drink more beer! With that said, it is never easy to buy someone beer without them around, and most breweries aren't able to ship their beer to individual consumers. What's a beer-gifter to do? A beautiful growler from Growler Works is a fantastic option. They aren't cheap, but they are gorgeous and they will last forever. Your beer beau will have a lifetime of fresh beer ahead of them, and many hoppy memories.

4. We love talking about beer almost as much as we love drinking IT. If that's true for you, or for someone you love, this Moleskine beer journal is perfect for them. It has five unique sections for different beer information and you'll look super cool jotting in it at the local taproom.

5. The next best thing to beer itself from the best breweries around the country is swag. You may not be able to get your friend a Heady Topper, or some Westlevern XII, but you can get them a cool T-Shirt, fancy glassware or a trendy hat. So head to the website of your favorite brewery, or bar, and go nuts! 

There you have it folks, all the things to make your friends and family ho-ho-hoppy this holiday season. Cheers to all!