Five New York City Restaurants with Great Beer

By James Reddicliffe

New York is full of great breweries, bars and restaurants but often times it seems you have to choose one of the three. What is a beer lover to do when looking for a true restaurant experience? We created this list, which is by no means exhaustive, to help beer lovers find restaurants with killer beer lists.

Ivan Ramen

Ramen! Photo from Ivan Ramen.

Ramen! Photo from Ivan Ramen.

The eponymous ramen spot featured on the Netflix hit “Chef’s Table” is famed for its outstanding noodles and Japanese fare but it also might have the best beer selection of any restaurant in New York City.  The list changes frequently but features rotating draft and cans from local producers and nationally acclaimed brewers. Some recent options included a sour brown ale from Upland Brewery, a Berliner Weisse from Interboro, an IPA from Burley Oak all on draft and cans from Bunker Brewing, Foreign Objects, Grimm and many more.

Ask the knowledgeable staff what might go best with your ramen selection, fried chicken or the tofu Coney Island hot dog and prepare for an outstanding night.


Fausto took over former neighborhood favorite Franny’s in Prospect Heights and has become a hit in its own right. They serve comforting and delicious Italian fare like with highlights including arancini, cavatelli with braised chicken ragu, pork chops and sardines.

The space is inviting and they also have an excellent selection of amari to sample before or after your meal. In addition to their cocktails and extensive wine list they feature a tight, excellent selection of beer.

The space at Fausto. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The space at Fausto. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Recent selections include a black lager from Suarez Family Brewing, the low ABV, lightly spiced table beer from Folksbier, a Saison from Transmitter and an IPA from Other Half. If you were expecting Peroni, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at Fausto.

Cafe Altro Paradiso

You might not think a high-end Italian restaurant in Soho would pay much attention to it’s beer list, but like at Fausto you’ll end up pleasantly surprised. Cafe Altro Paradiso has a carefully curated list of six or so beers at any given time. Recently they’ve featured IPAs from Threes and Industrial Arts, a Saison from critical darling Oxbow and a sour ale from fan favorite Transmitter Brewing. Pair with oysters or some cacio e pepe and leave full and content.


Look, none of us may ever get in here--this place is just that hot and is featured on every “best of” list going. If you aren’t in the mood for wine or a cocktail with your steak frites, or if you want to mix and match your booze, you’ll find some great beers on the list here. Why not pair a Grimm Berliner Weisse with hibiscus with your $136 cote de boeuf for two or a River Horse pilsner with your oysters? Seven offerings from both local producers and from those further afield are available here. Interestingly enough, they recently offered two hibiscus beers (Grimm and DIEU du Ciel). If you can get in, and are in the mood for beer, you’ll be satisfied.

Mission Chinese Food

Photo from Mission Chinese Food.

Photo from Mission Chinese Food.

Nothing pairs better with Chinese food than a good beer, and at Mission you’re going to find both. Known for bringing the heat with their cuisine, they also have an impressive beer program. As they mention on their website, they carry a rotating selection of Other Half Brewing cans. On tap exclusively in Bushwick (there is an outpost in Manhattan and another in San Francisco) are Grimm and Hudson Valley beers. Hype boys, eat your hearts out. Or just get to Mission for some “Mouth Numbing Mapo Tofu” and a hazy IPA to cool you down.

Bonus Restaurant: Franks Wine Bar

That’s right, a wine bar! This place has amazing wine, and delicious food from a pair of guys (the Franks: Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli) who have been serving up hits in Carroll Gardens for a long time. They also feature four outstanding draft beers at any time, often including two from Folksbier, one from Other Half and one from Suarez Brewing. I’d argue though that their four-bottle list is the main draw. It currently includes Raspberry Glowup from Folksbier as well as three different varieties from Cantilon. They don’t come cheap at $75 per 750 milliliter bottle but you’ll be hard pressed to find the Kriek, Raspberry or classic Lambic anywhere else.

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